Aquaman, Pastels on 10x14in basswood

Deadshot, Mixed Media on 11"x14" basswood

Wonder Woman, Pastels on 11"x15" basswood

Wolverine, Pastels on 10"x17" basswood

Lando, Pastel Drawing on 8"x10" basswood

Boba Fett, Pastel Drawing on 7"x9" basswood

Darth Maul, Pastels on 11x15in basswood

Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Pastels on 28in wood

Jean Grey, pastels on 9in basswood

Mad Max, pastels on basswood

Jareth, Pastels on basswood

Beetlejuice, Pastels on 10x14in basswood

Xenomorph, pastels on basswood

T-Rex, Pastel Drawing on 11"x14" basswood

Pillars of Creation, Pastels on 11x14in basswood

Jeff Van Goldblum, Pastels on basswood

Jessica Rabbit/Lady with an Ermine, pastels on basswood

Cassowary, pastels/acrylic paint on basswood

Marvel Ladies, 19x27in Pastel drawing

Captain Marvel 13x19in pastel drawing

Abe Sapien, Pastels and Colored Pencils

Hellboy, Pastel drawing

Imperator Furiosa, 18"x24" Pastel Drawing

Jeff Goldblums, Pastel pencils on 13x19in pastelmat

Samuel L Jackson characters, 13x19in Pastel drawing

Johnny Depp characters, 14x17in pastel/charcoal drawing

Jack/Annie/Pennywise, 11"x14" Pastel Drawing

Dwight, 16x20in drawing

Erik, 18"x24" Pastel Drawing

Thor, 7"x9.5" Pastel Drawing

Grandmaster, pastels/paint marker 7x9.5in drawing

Stan Lee 8.5x11in pastel drawing

Darth Maul, watercolor paintng

Dennis Nedry, 7x9.5in Pastel drawing

Will Turner, 9x12in Pastel drawing

Mrs. Doubtfire, Pastel drawing

Daenerys, Pastels on 13x19in pastelmat

Dr. Lazarus, Colored Pencil Drawing

Sabertooth Skull, 8.5x11in pastel/colored pencil drawing

Lion, pastels, colored pencil, paint marker drawing

Mandarin Fish, pastels/acrylic paint on basswood

Bob Ross, Pastels on basswood

Leeloo, Pastels and Acrylic Paint on 14"x11" basswood

Indiana Jones, Pastel Drawing on 14"x10" basswood

Supermans, Pastels on 27in basswood

Batmans, Pastel Drawing on 26"x10" basswood

Jokers, Pastels and acrylic paint on 26in basswood

Batman Villains, Pastel pencils on basswood

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