Blue X-Men, Pastel pencils on 26in basswood

Batman, Chalk pastels on 27in wood

Joker, Pastel pencils on 27in basswood

Kylo Ren, Pastel drawing on 27in basswood

Drawings on 2ft long basswood

Drawings on 2ft long basswood

Jar Jar Binks, Pastel pencils on basswood

Storm, Pastel pencils on basswood

Batgirl, Pastel pencils on basswood

Kill Bill, Pastel pencils/acrylic pain on wood

The Mask, pastel pencils on basswood

T2, Chalk pastels on wood

Terminator, Pastel pencils on basswood

Loki, Pastel drawing on basswood

Aquaman, Pastels on 10x14in basswood

Wonder Woman, Pastel pencils on basswood

Lando, Pastel Drawing on 8"x10" basswood

Ahsoka Tano, pastel pencils on wood

Turtle Power, Pastel pencils on basswood

Mad Max, pastels on basswood

Beetlejuice, Pastels on 10x14in basswood

Here's Johnny, Drawing on basswood

T-Rex, Pastel Drawing on basswood

Jeff Van Goldblum, Pastels on basswood

Jessica Rabbit with a Weasel, pastels on basswood

Cassowary, pastels/acrylic paint on basswood

Bob Ross, Pastels on basswood

Davy Jones, Pastel drawing on basswood

Leeloo, Pastels and Acrylic Paint on 14"x11" basswood

Ian Malcolm, pastel pencils on 25in basswood

Django Unchained, 14x17in pastel drawing

Marvel Ladies, 19x27in Pastel drawing

The Mummy, 11x14in Pastel Drawing

Chadwick Boseman 16x20in pastel drawing

Brendan Fraser, 16x20in Colored Pencil drawing

Jeff Goldblums, Pastel pencils on 13x19in pastelmat

Robin Williams, 16x20in pastel drawing

Samuel L Jackson characters, 13x19in Pastel drawing

Dwight, 16x20in drawing

Kick Ass Pastel Drawing

Mrs. Doubtfire, Pastel drawing

Lion, 16x20in pastel and paint marker drawing

Black Panther 14x17in pastel and paint marker drawing

Sabertooth Skull, 8.5x11in pastel/colored pencil drawing

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